NEW! Murder on the Rocks

Murder on the Rocks is set in the red rock country near Sedona, Arizona. The protagonist is Will Johansen, a retired merchant marine captain. He and his wife, Katie, live a pleasant life in beautiful Red Rock Valley. While out walking his dog, a tri-colored collie named Sassie, that peace is shattered. Sassie discovers a dead body in the woods — that of a Forest Service Ranger.

The Bucko Mate: Twenty Years in the Merchant Marine

The Bucko Mate: Twenty Years in the Merchant Marine describes the author's seafaring experiences over two decades sailing as an officer in the American Merchant Marine. This nonfiction, nautical adventure is full of the profane, the dangerous, the drunken, the crazy, the humorous, the romantic and the brave shipmates the author knew. The degeneration of the maritime industry in the United States is paralleled with the disintegration of the abilities and mental stability of a man who had to finally realize that he was burned out at the age of forty. -140,000 words

The Bucko Mate - Reviews

"I was particularly impressed by the authenticity of the writing, the range of issues faced by the main character, the honesty and clarity of emotions described and the relevance to today's current opportunities. This book is on par with one of my favorites in this category "Sandy Koufax: A Lefty's Legacy"."
Professor James A. Mucci, on Amazon

"Good book! I enjoy sea stories in general and I would be happy to read this author again."
M. Chambers, on Smashwords.

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One Fine Summer

Years ago, some men got together and formed a Boys Club in a hard-working, hard-drinking, inner-city neighborhood in Baltimore, Maryland, for the sole purpose of providing an opportunity for the local kids to play baseball. The City Heights teams were not part of the official Little League. It was an effort that stood alone in an area of the city that needed it badly. It is my experience living there and coaching with them in the early 1980's that inspired this book (92,000 words).

Out the Gate in ‘68: A Kings Point Memoir

This publication was written by members of the 1968 class of the United States Merchant Marine Academy at Kings Point, New York. It was created in honor of our 50th graduation anniversary and reunion.

Published by Kevin Zahn in 2018